The successful design of domestic and foreign development policy requires the participation of states and their civil societies. The global south and north must cooperate and support each other in a sustainable and cooperative manner. Collaboration also means listening to each other, increasing mutual understanding, recognising the causes of irregular migration and working together to create better opportunities for all. 



Promotor*innen für eine Welt: Awareness raising on sustainable development and international development cooperation policies 
Migrafrica is promoter for one world for the district of Cologne. In cooperation with other one-world initiatives and migrant organisations in NRW, the public discourse on sustainable development is promoted. In particular, we want to create awareness among society about the causes of irregular migration, postcolonial structures and intercultural competences. We advise and network civil society organisations and initiatives that are involved in one-world movement and work with projects and actions which point out alternatives for a sustainable society.

Addressing root causes of irregular migration by promoting entrepreneurship in Africa
Migrafrica supports youth entrepreneurship in Africa by empowering young people to utilise their local resources sustainably to generate income for them and other young people in their communities. We also provide awareness raising on the realities of irregular migration to Europe and promote legal paths to migrate to EU. 


Migration and Development Council (MDC) – Increasing visibility to highlight the work of diaspora organisations in international development cooperation
In 2019, in a democratic process, we developed and founded the MDC together with more than 30 migrant organisations at federal and EU level. The aim is to contribute to a more effective domestic and foreign development policy with multi-continental expertise.

Migration and Development Council (MDC) will highlight the contributions of migrants to the development of their countries of origin. African diaspora development practitioners have now positioned themselves as critical actors in development cooperation policy circles, however this rarely acknowledged, both in countries of residence and/or origin. African diaspora communities are contributing huge resources through various means to the social welfare and economic growth of their respective homelands, remarkably exceeding the level of official development assistance (ODA).The increasing involvement of the diaspora in homeland development is partly the result of becoming better organised in the countries of residence through such structures such as professional or development-oriented associations.

Acknowledging this Migrafrica will further promote the involvement of migrant professional and development oriented organisations by creating the Migration and Development Council (MDC) as a coordination point to share knowledge and resources.



Shine! – Zusammenkommen, Austausch und Empowern

አማርኛ ትግሪኛ عربي Polski Türkçe Français Willkommen bei Shine! ☀️ Shine! ist ein vielseitiges und intersektionelles Empowerment-Projekt für Frauen zwischen 17 und 27 im Raum Köln. Finanziert durch die Aktion Mensch richten wir uns an Frauen die Erfahrungen mit Flucht, Rassismus und Diskriminierung gemacht haben und möchten sie dabei unterstützen, ...

Vier Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen! 

Empowerment für die Frauenkooperative Nanoor  In diesem Projekt unterstützen wir (Migrafrica im Rahamen der interkulturelle Promotorenstelle des Eine Welt Netz NRW) in Kooperation mit Jàppoo gUG und senegalesischen Organisation GIE Caplog, die Frauenkooperative Nanoor, die sich verbessern möchte. Nanoor ist eine Organisation in Djilor Djidack, einer Region etwa 160 km ...

The Markus Geis Fellowship

The Markus Geis Fellowship creates opportunities for young people specially with African background to get 12 months practical experience in organizations and companies in Germany and EU to share their experience and learn from established organizations/companies. The fellowship focuses on two main issues: hands-on skills and competencies development to promote ...

Promotor*innen für Eine Welt!

NRW ENTWICKELN - WIR SIND TEIL DES PROMOTOR*INNEN-PROGRAMMS Bundesweit stärken bereits mehr als 140 Promotor*innen mit ihrer Arbeit das zivilgesellschaftliche Engagement für eine sozial gerechte und global nachhaltige Entwicklung. Sie beraten und vernetzen zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen und Initiativen, die sich in der Eine-Welt-Arbeit engagieren und initiieren Projekte und Aktionen, mit denen ...

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