The Markus Geis Fellowship creates the opportunity for young people with African background to get 3-12 months practical experience in organizations and companies in Germany and EU to share their experience and learn from established organizations/companies.

The fellowship focuses on hands-on and practical skill and competencies development to promote self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. When the young people return home, it is expected that these experiences will help them to create their own businesses and create job opportunities for themselves and others in their communities.

The fellowship also aims to promote legal pathways for young people in Africa to come to Europe and get a European exposure to enhance their learning horizons. It will also add to the strong people to people relations between Africa and Europe and encourage global citizenship.

More detailed information on the program will follow soon. It will include information on ways to apply for the program and the call for participation. The call will be extended both to young people with African backgrounds and organizations/companies in Germany and Europe.

We have two positions opened!

Project runs for 24 months, from 01.09.2021 to 31.08.2023. Within this time we are planing in total two 12 months volunteering positions.

According to your educational and professional experience, we will design a volunteering program for you in Cologne area in Germany. We will also provide accommodation and transport (bikes) to come to the office and return to your apartment.

Finance: You will receive 5 Euros of pocket money per day and all costs related to accommodation and travel will be paid.

Language learning and Culture: We will provide the opportunity to learn the German language through a tandem program with native Germans university students. We hope good friendships Will also develop through this connections. The tandems will also provide information and culture sensitisation through intercultural engagements so you will feel home in Cologne.

Timeframe: We require a minimum of two months commitment for the volunteer program so that you can better learn from the experience. The Maximum time you can volunteer for is 12 months.


If you are interested please contact us under:

Abraham Nida

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