Led by a group of 13 organizations from 10 European countries, covering southern, central, and northern Europe, and Balkans, RES-MOVE is all about using coworking spaces and places where people work together to help migrants to integrate. 

Collaborative spaces, coworking hubs, fab-labs, setups within public libraries and cafes offer promising avenues for the employment inclusion of skilled migrants.  And on the grand scheme of things, inclusive coworking can be a long-term solution for labour inclusion and an immediate help during emergencies. 

For whom? 

RES-MOVE initiative specifically targets freelancers, craft-skilled migrants, start-up entrepreneurs, and knowledge workers. 


Building upon the recent successes of coworking spaces in supporting Ukrainian refugees displaced by conflict, RES-MOVE envisions concrete outcomes: 

  • Establishing exemplary collaborative spaces across 11 implementation territories, serving as showcases for effective migrant integration through skill alignment with local labour market demands. 
  • Pioneering innovative pathways to job inclusion, benefiting at least 1,100 migrants, with a dedicated focus on gender parity. 
  • Providing stakeholders with an operational model and valuable research insights to facilitate the replication and scalability of successful integration practices. This includes the establishment of a Transnational Network of Inclusive Coworking Spaces to ensure the enduring impact of our project beyond its initial phase. 


Some amazing spaces are already helping, RES-MOVE will take things to the next level: 

  • RES-MOVE aims for „Inclusive Coworking Spaces“ to always have pathways for migrants to find jobs. 
  • The project also helps migrants start their own businesses by tailoring activities just for them. 
  • RES-MOVE is making sure to get more women into coworking spaces and help them find jobs that match their skills. 


RES-MOVE isn’t just about local projects. We’re working together across borders to make sure everyone benefits. Coworking is a global phenomenon, so we’re using common tools and models to make a bigger impact. 

And this isn’t just for us. All European countries are dealing with labour shortages, and coworking can help. We’re sharing our results through activities such as MOOCs and our Transnational Network, so everyone can get involved. 

Who are the RES-MOVE partners? 

AKEP – The Academy of Entrepreneurship: A social entrepreneurship accelerator focusing on cultivating entrepreneurial skills through non-formal learning. AKEP leads the project, implementing various work packages in Athens, and is responsible for local dissemination in Greece. 

CeSPI (Center for International Policy Studies): An Italian think-tank providing expert advice on international scenarios, particularly in migration. CeSPI leads outcome and impact evaluation of RES-MOVE, contributes to research design, and organizes international conferences in Rome. 

RWI – Refugees Welcome ETS: Italian branch of the Refugees Welcome International Network, aiming to change public opinion on refugees through civil society involvement. RWI implements project activities in Rome, leads local dissemination in central and southern Italy, and contributes to housing and job inclusion guidelines. 

G.F. – Glocal Factory S.C.S.: A social cooperative specializing in education and training pathways for disadvantaged adults, including migrants. Glocal Factory leads dissemination efforts, implements project activities in Verona, and manages the RES-MOVE Platform. 

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education: A pioneering organization in Cyprus focusing on social inclusion, particularly in social entrepreneurship and innovation. SYNTHESIS implements project activities in Nicosia, leads local dissemination in Cyprus, and contributes to data collection. 

MUSOL: Promotes sustainable development and capacity building for disadvantaged populations, with a focus on local and regional governments. MUSOL implements project activities in Valencia, leads local dissemination in Spain, and contributes to migrant enterprise and development cooperation guidelines. 

BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH: An Austrian organization providing vocational training and career services, especially for disadvantaged individuals. BEST leads the development of pilot inclusive coworking spaces, implements project activities in Vienna, and leads national dissemination in Austria. 

Migrafrica gGmbH: We support migrant integration policies and employment measures. Within the project Migrafrica implements activities in Cologne, leads national dissemination in Germany, and contributes to data collection. 

NWP – NETWERKPRO FOUNDATION: Focuses on empowering migrant women towards financial self-reliance in the Netherlands. NWP implements project activities in Amsterdam, leads national dissemination, and ensures the gender dimension in stakeholder training. 

ECA – St. European Coworking Assembly: Operates at the continental level, facilitating partnerships and communication in the European coworking ecosystem. ECA leads the Take-off phase, collaborates in research and data collection, and disseminates the project internationally.

PLACE: Counters negative migration narratives in Europe and promotes economic and social integration through leadership development. PLACE implements project activities in Paris, leads national dissemination in France, and contributes to data collection.

Malmö Ideella: A non-profit organization in Sweden supporting local development and integration initiatives. Malmö Ideella implements project activities in Malmö, leads national dissemination, and contributes to data collection. 

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