The Project IDEAL-M aims to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal migration and misinformation about the journey to Europe as well as the actual conditions when reaching the hosting countries. It will focus on Senegal as a country of origin and would assess the needs of Senegalese people when arriving in European countries, especially Germany where there is a higher concentration of people from that origin.

Highlight the potentials for legal migration;
Provide actual information for those people who might be interested in migrating, through mobilisation of diaspora communities already settled in Europe. Are additional; objectives of the project.

As part of this information is controlled by smuggling groups, IDEAL-M aims to build upon this information by raising awareness of the actual risks of smuggling and of irregular migration and developing a counter-narrative in a wider range of media through campaigning and use of digital media and local press.
The project will assess the needs of migrants at local level and also the potential of diaspora communities in Europe but essentially in the partner countries.

IDEAL-M will develop in three phases:
Needs assessment and evaluation of media channels for effective campaigning;
Implementation phase where campaigning information will be designed and executed with tailor-made messages per target groups and utilise CSOs in Senegal as a supporting mechanism for dissemination and finally;
Creation of a wider network for possible collaboration that will touch upon policy levels and sustain campaigning dissemination.

The project is Funded by the European Union under the call Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

Led by the UNIVERSITY OF PELOPONNESE, in partnership with

Kick-off Meeting, 29th of January 2020
Host: UoP, Athens, Greece
Attendees: UoP, AMAM, Migrafrica, UAM, GFM, EETAA

The meeting commenced with a welcoming address from Asteris Huliaras, Professor at the University of the Peloponnese and Scientific Coordinator of the project. Following this short opening the meeting’s agenda was followed.

Each member of the consortium presented itself and its organization. Each partner presented its main activities and strengths while it connected the IDEAL-M project with its strategic plans. At the core of all partners’ presentations was the fact that not only the topic itself but also the timing of IDEAL-M is ideal. Furthermore, all partners presented their experience with European projects highlighting that the consortium as a whole has a fair experience of such projects.

A thorough review of the approved proposal and the various Work-Packages (WPs) were given. The initial focus was on generating a common language and idea on the main aspects of the project as well as the required effort and respective timelines. The discussion focused more on the expected impact of the project and on the importance of selecting Senegal, as the principal project’s case study. While, it was mentioned that a post-doctoral researcher and a non-profit organisation have already expressed their interest for the project’s outputs, which from the very beginning increases the impact and sustainability of the IDEAL-M.

The participants have also discussed and planned the different work packages. The project has 5 work packages.

WP1: Management and Coordination of the Action

WP2: Initial Context and Environment Mapping

WP3: Target Groups and Communication Channels Assessment

WP4: Awareness Raising Campaign

WP5: Dissemination & Exploitation


Overview of Work Package 2

The principal objective :

Work package 2 aims to produce a consolidated mapping of the context and the environment inwhich the project will be implemented. It will focus on articulating in-depth know-how of links between diaspora communities in the consortium countries and potential migrants located in Senegal. In addition, it will map the connections between the different diaspora organizations in each country as well as potential intra-EU links. It will also focus on assessing the relationships of these organizations with other civil society organizations, public authorities and municipalities.

Specific objectives :

· Needs assessment analysis of the current environment in which diaspora communities work within host societies and their interaction with potential migrants and local stakeholders

· Review and analysis of best practices selected in consortium countries and abroad on integrating diaspora communities in addressing migration issues

· Draw conclusions and recommendations based on the results.

The activities and deliverables of work package 2 :

Activities :

2.1. Research and analysis of needs

2.2. Best practices analysis

2.3. State of the Art Report

Deliverables :

2.1 Research report and needs analyse

2.2 Report on the best practices

2.3 Report on IDEAL-M state-of-the-art

Overview of Work Package 3

Main objectives :

The work package 3 aims to a thorough assessment of the key target groups as well as media channels related to the  project. Under WP3 the consortium analysed the typical prospective migrant from Senegal creating a  series of target groups of the media campaign.

The work package 3 assesses the different communication channels available for launching the media campaign of the work package 4. Among the communication channels, one also found organizations and structures such as community centres and CSOs in Europe  and in Senegal, that could be used as vehicles of reaching target audiences. However, because  of the health issue  caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, no trips could be done.

In a nutshell, this work package aims to identify the typical Senegalese that should be targeted by the information campaign and, as a second step, analyse  the different channels available, identifying those that are more suitable for really reaching the target  audiences.

The objectives of this work package are as follows :

• Target audiences assessment formulating a priority list on who the information campaign should  target.

• Communication channels assessment formulating a list of the most prominent and expected mechanisms to reaching the relevant target groups.

• Draw conclusions and recommendations based on the findings.

Overview of Work Package 4

The principal objective:

WP4 aims to deal with designing, producing and launching the awareness-raising campaign of the Ideal-M project. It consists of  6 activities that will produce the required material and activities to transform the information material to messages compatible with the communication channels to be used.

WP4 involves a co-design approach to the creation of the information material, gathering contributions from different stakeholders and finalised by the follow-up of diaspora community representatives.

It is important to note that due to the current global pandemic, activities are delayed but our partners are working in coordination with Senegalese stakeholders to coordinate these activities for the upcoming visit to Senegal.

Specific objectives:

  • Design of informational material covering all aspects of information required for offering a 360° coverage of knowledge
  • Transforming informational material into media-friendly messages
  • Implementing the information campaign
  • Testing the effectiveness of the different channels utilized to reach prospective migrants.


4.1. Collection and control of required information on subject matter

4.2. Informational material workshop

4.3. Creation of communications plan and media-friendly messages

4.4. Creation of information material to be used by CSOs

4.5. Communication campaign execution

4.6. Communications Campaign Impact Analysis.


4.1. Communication Plan (EN)

4.2. Communication campaign impact analysis report (EN)

4.3. Creation of information material (EN/FR + partner languages).

In order to properly implement these activities and results, focus groups are organised between all partners in their respective countries. (add information from the focus group).

The first focus group highlighted how Senegalese tend to take the western Mediterranean route rather than the central Mediterranean route.

Migrating, in Senegal,  is a phenomenon related to gender and a certain transition in life (young men). Emphasis was also placed on how visa requirements are a barrier to legal travel.

Workshop in Malta 

November 9th-11th, 2021

The workshop which was held in Malta with all partners participating , conducted an evaluation of materials collected, where campaigning information will be designed and executed with tailored-made messages per target groups and utilise CSOs in Senegal as a supporting mechanism for dissemination and finally to created a wider network for possible collaboration that will touch upon policy levels and sustain campaigning dissemination. The workshop was also a chance for the partner organizations to reflect on the milestones of the project as well as have a clear pathway on the remaining WPs.

The program included:

General Discussion: Arrival of partners. Action plan for the day will follow. (AMAM)

Project management meeting, both physical and online with EETAA from Greece

Information campaign main elements report. Look at specific issues peculiar to each country, such as trafficking, smuggling communities, role of diaspora-  that is, how they influence the migration (UAM).

Target groups ass. Communication channels ass. Reports collected from the various country partners (Migrafrica).

presentation of Communication plan  (AMAM)

Feedback on the Communication Plan (All partners)

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