As a follow up to our work in building the capacity and skills of youth workers from the African Diaspora in variety of competences needed in their day to day work, we have designed a project in partnership with our European partners to further upgrade the intercultural competencies and skills to increase the social inclusion, participation and integration of African young migrants.
The action of the project underpin the purposes of knowledge, intervention, information, awareness-raising, minimization of risks of social and economical exclusion, seeking to contribute to the social-economical contexts that are truly inclusive and for more complicated situations associated with the exclusion of immigrants in disadvantages situation.
This youth workers mobility project will have 2 stages (one week of mobility of youth workers activity in Lisbon and one week in Köln) and will be divided into 3 fundamental axes:
1- Competencies of youth workers on multicultural and intercultural learning (e.g. leadership, team work, group dynamics, communication, programme design, evaluation and follow-up) assuring quality criteria in all aspects of youth inclusion and cooperation. 2- Reflection on youth workers in promoting cultural diversity and encouraging the active participation and involvement in development of their own communities through youth employment and entrepreneurship. 3- Understanding of cultural difference between the partners countries and using learning competencies on social and economical inclusion.
The aim of this youth workers mobility is: – To improve the competencies of African youth workers with intention to provide social responses to the full inclusion of African migrants in Europe.
The proposed youth workers mobility project has the following objectives: – To discuss and develop the quality criteria for youth workers and their contribution to youth organization’s needs, realities and it’s impacts on own communities. – To develop essential skills to work with multicultural and intercultural youth workers groups (e.g. leadership, team work, group dynamics, communication, programme design, evaluation and follow-up) assuring quality criteria in all aspects of youth workers inclusion and cooperation. – To increase the involvement of local communities in the development in order to enhance the impact of social and economical inclusion of youth workers with few opportunities in our communities. – To increase the availability among youth workers to work in the social and economical inclusion, within local communities involving young people in their actions. – To increase the youth workers participant’s motivation to introduce into social responsibility and economical learning by creating conditions to support them to engage other youth to provide social responses.
This project aims to qualify participants and also aims to stimulate, encourage the new generation of youth workers to contribute to social and economical inclusion of migrant youth, as well as promote entrepreneurial vision, with subsequent insertion into the European society of african immigrants communities.
The project will identify some of the main socio-economic constraints in the African Diaspora community and explores the current actions aimed at raising the skills of youth workers with few opportunities in risk situations and working-class unemployment, taking as a reference the current social division of labor in European society. After exploring the current responses by social workers to improve the employment conditions and social inclusion of African migrant young people, the seminar will train the participants in assessment techniques to measure the impact of their work and adapt others good practices to the reality in their community.

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