EVS (European Voluntary Services) is one the key activities of Erasmus + Programme giving young people, including those with fewer opportunities, unique opportunity to gain new competencies, increase self-esteem and self-confidence and contribute to the development of the communities in their sending and hosting countries.

Main aim of the project ‘Step into EVS: Developing Competencies of Organizations to Host, Send and Coordinate EVS’ is to provide youth organizations an opportunity to develop their capacities to become sending, hosting and coordinating organization.

Through the project activities  the organizations will increase their understanding on the process of EVS accreditation and develop their competencies to prepare not just the application for accreditation but also to develop competencies of the staff to work in EVS field. Moreover, the organizations will have also possibility to network and create partnerships for future cooperation, strengthen their understanding of project cycle under EVS, rights and responsibilities of sending, hosting and coordinating organizations, develop competencies to support learning process of volunteers and help to overcome challenges that can appear in the process of integration into new environment.

Nevertheless, being hosting, sending and coordinating EVS organization brings also challenges and requires from the organizations good understanding of EVS project cycle, intercultural management and other aspects of work with organizations and young people coming from other cultures.


Project Goal: To raise quality of EVS (European Voluntary Service) in participating countries. Project Objectives: a) To increase participants understanding of Erasmus + Programme with special focus to be paid to EVS (European Voluntary Service);

b) To develop participant’s knowledge of the process of accreditation as first step to take in the process of becoming sending, hosting or coordinating organization of EVS, to develop capacities of the organizations to prepare quality accreditation for EVS and successfully go through accreditation process;

c) To increase participants’ knowledge of EVS project cycle and raise their competencies to create networks with other organizations, prepare EVS application for submission to National Agencies, being able to manage the EVS project and prepare final report;

d) To raise competencies of the organizations to support EVS volunteer in his/her learning process and with his/her integration to new environment;

e) To increase participant’s competencies (teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity) through participation in various non-formal based activities in intercultural settings that they can apply in the process of implementation EVS projects;

f) To support development of new partnerships and networks aiming to create and implement quality EVS projects giving young people including young people with fewer opportunities an opportunity to make a difference.


Time and Location:  Struga, Republic of Macedonia(on the shore of Lake Ohrid) from 3th to 12th OCTOBER 2016

Expenses: Travel and accommodation is covered by VCS Skopje from Macedonia and MMTKKry from Finland

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