Integration of new arriving migrants

The organisation supports and assists young immigrants to quickly integrate to their host communities. This is possible by engaging people with migration background to assist the integration process of the new arriving migrants.

  • Consulting young migrants on immigration issues (information, how to access integration courses, consultations regarding legal issues and living permits in Germany)
  • Guidance and assistance to migrants to deal with administrative issues and integration to the community (immigration office, youth welfare office, court, employment agency and several institutions)
  • Assisting improvement in communication and translation (interpreting and translating) between young immigrants and agencies both government and non-government organizations.
  • Support to self-help in immigrant communities and mobilise Africans in support of the integration of recent migrants.
  • Empowerment of young people for active participation in their communities and cultural understanding.
  • Undertake projects that will support the integration of migrant youth in Germany.

Trainings and skills development

We provide trainings to migrants, migrant organisations and volunteers on topics related to social entrepreneurship, intercultural competencies, social and political participation, gender mainstreaming and others to facilitate integration.

Building the capacity of migrant organisations

Migrant organisations in Germany and Europe are important elements of successful integration of migrants to host communities. Stregthening their capacity and network is among our priority objectives. In this regard we provide trainings, gather information on their impacts and provide opportunities for exchange of good practices.

Together we look for better ways of widening our network as well as community of migrant organisations, organise events for peer learning, build our capacities for raising funds, untertake joint projects and build joint platforms.

Facilitate Africa/Europe relations for development

Internationally,  we engage young people with African background to play a leading role in the African/Europe relations mainly in relation to migration and refugee issues for sustainable development of both African and Europe. The African Diaspora in Germany are resourceful and in a position to build mutually beneficial and strong relationships between Africa and Europe and contribute to the prevention of mass displacement of people.

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