Migrafrica’s unique approche to integration of migrants

Migrafrica provides better solutions for integration of migrants in Germany through increasing and improving the role of former migrants to assist new arriving migrants in their communities.
Migrafrica stands for all young African and other migrants who have found their new homes in Germany. Although there are many agencies supporting immigrants with various activities; such as teaching the German language, providing integration course and cultural development, etc., these opportunities are rarely available to new arriving immigrants due to many barriers they face as they first arrive to their host communities. Because of these barriers, it is difficult for them to find the appropriate integration measures at the onset so as to set their lives on a positive trajectory and take the first step to full integration. This is where Migrafrica plays a significant role by engaging migrant volunteers to support new arriving migrants from their cultural background. We coordinate these services for recently migrated young people by deploying former migrants. After an individual consultation, our members will get assistance and support from us right from the start. To make the appropriate changes right from the beginning to benefit the most out of their integration process. The former migrants will serve as a bridge to connect the new arriving migrants and refugees with the institutions to facilitate integration.

The first contact point
Migrafrica is the first contact point for new young and unaccompanied young immigrants when they first arrive in Germany and need translation service, decent housing, proper medical care, decent job opportunities, entrepreneurship opportunities and community support. Furthermore, Migrafrica also supports migrants as they go through their asylum seeking and integration processes. It makes sure they have the best legal assistance and consultation as soon as possible and subsequently receive legal attorneys to assist them with their asylum cases. We also give training courses to migrants and migrant organisations. The organisation has already implemented many projects and more are in the planning. Currently, we plan to increase our staff in order to meet the growing demand for our support and we appreciate any assistance we get fro interested individual, organisations and institutions.

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